The world of vibrators looks as varied as a bouquet. They all have one thing in commonthey provide clitoral or vaginal stimulation with different levels of vibration and rhythms, and they deliver exciting moments to soloing. We’ll show you which types of vibrators are available, what they can do and who they are best for.

It is the devotee’s dreama Master who looks after the slave, rewards and punishes him. But which sex toys should a slave bring with him directly, so that the master will have his fun?Together with our masters and slaves, we have put together an overview for you so that a good slave knows what sex toys he should have. Besides, our experts have provided a guide with tips on how to prepare a slave for a session. To check more options, you can also check delight sex toys.

Top sex toys a BDSM slave should have

  1. 1)    Hand and foot shackles, they are quick to put on cuffs made of leather, rubber or metal not only look good, but they also can not open themselves so quickly. A perfect BDSM slave has lockable restraints that he hands over to the master. Then there is not even the possibility that the slave himself removes the shackles.Robust shackles are made of leather, rubber or metal.
  2. 2)    Ropes and snap hooks, restraints on the hands and feet are only unusual for the Master if he can connect them somehow. With a snap hook, the master can quickly fix the slave. Thus, the hands behind the back or the feet can be combined in one step. Of course, it gets more exciting with ropes. With that, the master can let off steam artfully and knot the slave as he pleases. Incidentally, Bondage tape can also be used for this purpose.
  3. 3)    Plugs, should the slave serve as a sex object? Then he should have extended his anus during a BDSM session. A plug helps to keep the anus open and until the master starts fucking. Besides, a plug gives the slave a sense of fullness, which he feels with every movement and excites him.
  4. 4)    Chastity belt, an absolute taboo is the secret wanking of the slave. The remedy is a chastity belt like a CB6000 or a birdlocked silicone. This can also be worn outside the master-slave session. Cheating is impossible, just as the slave’s self-gratification becomes impossible. The chastity belt should fit the slave so that it can be worn over a more extended period. Therefore, the slave has to take care of the chastity belt, not the master.
  5. 5)    Toy 5 Paddle& Whip, was not the slave good or should he be educated? Helpful arguments help! A paddle is great for putting the slave over the knee. If the master wants to use a whip, he can fix the slave and then exercise his power. The choice of which impact tool the master uses should be left to the master by the slave.

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